Álan Crístoffer e Sousa

acristoffers@gmail.comGPG Public KeyI speak:
Portuguese (Native)
English (C2)
German (C1)
French (B1)
I'm a mechatronics engineering student at CEFET-MG, Brazil. I love programming and the idea of controlling big structures with small circuits. I'm also passionate with languages and in love with cryptography.

Some Projects

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ahio is a communication library whose goal is to abstract the interfacing with various I/O hardwares, so that changing hardware becomes possible with minimum code modification.
Tests database

Manage questions and print tests.
This application was developed for the firefighter corporation of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, to manage the tests applied to the newcomers, as well as anual tests.Testsdatabase 1Testsdatabase 2It lets them generate the tests using a simple interface, generating tests by question level or manual selection, objective or discursive, and can generate tests with question and answers in a random order, while keeping it easy to grade.Questions can be added with a WYSIWYG text field, which allows the creation of tests with rich styling.Testsdatabase 3
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and Cef logo

Source code for bare-minimum applications to get started with Chromium Embedded Framework versions 1 and 3. Sets up a window, loads a HTML file and creates bidirectional binding between Javascript and C++ to show the very basic of a C++ application with HTML UI.